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Chiropractic first and foremost is the art and science of correcting the Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC). The VSC is simply stated as pressure on a nerve from a misaligned vertebral and or the soft tissue connected to it. The correction of the VSC is done via the Chiropractic adjustment, which is done by hand, by mechanical adjusting instrument or a combination of both.

Besides neck and low back pain, the VSC without correction can lead to arthritis, headaches, carpel tunnel, hand and arm pain and numbness, shoulder pain and or tightness, difficulty breathing, sinus trouble, Sciatica, leg / feet pain and or numbness, constipation, menstrual irregularity etc.

VSC is typically caused by the three T's - Thoughts (stress), Trauma and / or Toxins. It is Dr. Bosman's mission to correct the VSC in your body and get you back on the road to good health.

Dr. Bosman feels that proper nutrition is a vital component in maintaining your overall health and well being. In addition to your regular adjustments, Dr. Bosman recommends a well balanced diet with plenty of water and an exercise program. Nutritional supplements maybe recommended if your diet is not supplying the proper nutrients to help your body maintain an overall state of good health and wellness.

We are proud to offer supplements from:
Biotics Research Corporation
Douglas Laboratories
Druker Labs (INTRAMAX)
Sinus Buster

In addition to being an authorized center of Biofreeze, we offer Chiropractic and Orthopedic supplies from Core Products and Herbal Concepts.